I am counting on the future

Yet only in the moment

Life registers

And the past seems to add up


All the experiences tell me:

Expect anything

Yes, life

will in some ways be totally logical

We set goals


Achieve or not


Sometimes it gets weird and hectic

Optimism helps


Sunshine winds

Through the shadows

Colours lead the way to the day

The only thing that matters right now

Is to make it somehow

And that tomorrow we are okay


Some flowers sit pretty on a table

With some power we remain that stable

The cats are fed

Yet when the dog raises her head

The noise shocks us like

A short-circuiting cable


Worked from a ladder

as a matter of fact

No papers to push

Or words to retract

For years I climbed

Filling only time and

Daily material reports


Exhausted by supervisors

Barely known

by my own cohorts

Words still poured but

Never adored

Working from my core

Really is no chore

Please ask for more!

Don’t forget

The ball bounces in both our courts


Don’t get me wrong

The past was a blast

Just seems that sometimes

I was made to go too fast

If we can’t keep pace

We are cast aside

I said “This is not a race”

They told me I lied

But to me

We shouldn’t rush work

because rushing is wrong

Even if someone is quicker

Off their cherry-picker

In life we should

all just try to get along


It seems to me

it’s always go, go, go

That’s alright for a while

but you ought to know

The faster it gets

The faster it’s gone

Okay for some projects

But not for too long

Charge ahead to make progress

For as many lives as we can

Make no mess too big

that it can’t be undone

The best we can do

is to share a bright dawn


A cool black cat crossed my path

The night goes on forever

In space or if time severs

It leaves at sunrise here on Earth

And daylight is still not cursed

I don’t walk under a ladder

Someone could drop their hammer

I choose to allow a wider berth

I am a better planner

At work when on the wire

I have been admired

Sometimes a real grand slammer



as a foreman running lines

And going through some tricky times

I’m leading teams to triumph

Blasting balls off bats

While championing blue cats

Assisted coaching seven cups

Head guy two of nine lives

Can’t forget

My research strives

Distinguished award in these same times

So mental health could learn

It thrives!


A glowing success

the morning sunshine

Oh sure, it all seems fine

Racing time for the dime

Until for days

We’re paralyzed

Yah, it’s a crime

Maybe our spine

Maybe our mind

For me, both but

that wasn’t in my prime

Now it’s true

I must confess

Supporting folks

turns out best

More or less


Prime is designed


Then find rest

To ourselves, be kind

Feel relieved

When we pass the test

If we believe in harmonies

Weave what we’ve guessed

Into our quest

Conceive life’s wave at it’s crest

Come up for air

with a heaving chest

Retrieve the sky

Kindness harness

And be blessed

With the Earth, our nest

And all our energy:




Invest in Earth

Invest in you

More than in me

And for every life on this

huge planet we

call home to humanity

All we’ve known

And that we plan to see

As far as we can

throw a stone

And it lands freely

By our hand so

truly grand

On open land

or that spans the sea

In the river

if we are inclined

To be free

like a new fantasy

Or a band to be


By the time I was twenty-two 

Thought I knew

what I was going to do

At university I thought alone

but was not blue

Had some friends to get me through

Some in my head

along with you

Rock music and spirit


Sent me through the roof

Here and there

I doubted truth

At times I seemed too aloof

But there was no proof

I was not that proud

Just had my head in a cloud


I could still play

And write words forever

Published poetry

Before grade seven

I didn’t manage to make many songs

Not that my dreams were ever

Clearly wrong but 

I never played in a band

My unreal confidence

They couldn’t stand

Lack of form

Was my norm

Ended up

In hospital ten times forlorn

Instead of a dorm

It seemed to be a perfect storm


But then things changed

I met someone

And became responsible

And a bit less fun

But instead of floods

There came the sun

I left my degree

Without help to run

And became an electrician

Much less superstition 

But I never forgot

A few songs were hot

We jammed and rocked

Just not a lot

Life still shocked


Love turned away

We had been caught

Words between us

began to rot

We always fought

It was life

No way to always make it work

Then at work was injured twice

With weight and ladders I was hurt

Didn’t matter

Still pushed through

Uni chatter started anew

Research launched

I did that too

Then we parted

Neither sadder

this much is true

Both were gladder


We were not sad

But the situation became harder

I realized my kids

were much farther

As I lived at my folks

Big change is no joke

I didn’t see it coming

But I soon came to know it

Between the kids but not us

With whom I couldn’t discuss

Some pieces

Of our hearts felt more broke

Years learned to cope

We find thanks for our love now

And we grow it


A turn of events

As destiny planned out

If true love is meant

It is still not a hand-out

Stars cross and worlds collide

Sometimes they are spanned out

In our life things happen

that forever will stand out


The past does not haunt me

Instead true love lands now

Life becomes new

With time’s transcendentally-planned route


The present seems fast

We keep the energy

Grand now

And never boring 

True love withstands doubt

Such love in the future

Will always pan out

We stay adoring

Through hard days

and nights that are stormy


Today the world launches

Into new territory

If we’ve done our best

For each other

No need to be sorry

I strive for youth and everyone

With my story

At work and in life

I am supporting

It would be great

I implore you


Friend, government or wealthy

instead of ignoring

To share your own ways of helping 

that you seem to be storing


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