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Love of Life


Life takes many forms.  Love of these forms is natural.

Love of Life

You know I love the water, love the water, in the waterfall,

You know I love the river, love the lake, love the pitcher of cool water

You know I love the water, the pure water, and we drink it up,

You know I love the water, the salt water, down at the seaside,

Rising up, Raining down, dipping into the cool blue oasis

Diving in, drinking down, sipping from the stream that is flowing,

Water is life,

You know I love the children, love the children, more than anything else, yah,

You know I love the kids, love the new world, love and nurture our new hope- yah,

God I love the woman, oh that woman, – more than anything else,

God I love the woman, so much more than anything else oh yah

Ice Dip

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Jump into the ice cold glacier-fed pool,
Cliff high above, dropping down breaks a rule,
Those here before will try to alert us,
Takes breath away, before you resurface,
Gasping, splashing, swimming fast for the rock,
Must be quick or you will go into shock,
The beauty is serene, so inviting,
Sun seems warm, but blue water is biting,
Dare-devil dives down, dusts off and drips dry,
Sure some shake and shiver- some still gun-shy,
Things that I’ve done I may not do again,
Exhilarates still, I can’t forget when

I was thinking about jumping into ice water – as I waited for a job interview the other day (BTW- I got it!!).  Years ago we used to do cliff-diving.  Not such a safe idea, but it is thrilling.  This picture is the closest photo in appearance, that I have – to where we used to go.  When I am hiking in the future, near our old spots – I will update this picture on my website.

I have been skydiving almost a dozen times, and all sorts of other adventures.  I try to be much more safe now, because I realize how many people (besides me) need me to be alive.  Not only that, but if you screw up once by going too hard in adrenaline sports – you may never get a chance to do it again.  Ironic.  I want to keep having cool experiences, so at least I buckle up on the roller coaster or zip-lining… 🙂 Really though – I love that wild kind of feeling.  It really makes me want to be outdoors, or going fast.  I do not want those experiences to stop. Now, I just play more safe. Thinking back and looking at some good memories satisfies in big ways too.  Summer is coming…

Sometimes going into an interview or a new situation provides adrenaline.  That can be an icky kind of adrenaline.  Still: mindfulness and savouring of any exciting moment can make life more enjoyable.