Clockwork Processing

When time slows down

We may shiver with cold

And freeze solid

as gears lock up

for eternity

A chain of events

Screeches to a halt

And we collect our thoughts

Yesterday lurches forward

Memories greasing

Our mental machinery

As pistons of today begin to fire

Over and over

Clockwork processing


Meaningless measures of wealth

glistened like icicles

They no longer exist

We won’t put faith in material possessions

that have no actual value in life

besides fulfilling a fleeting fancy

and then creating scenery

that keeps us company

as if to distract us while others suffer


I cherish my scenery

I love my wasteful hours

until I think of them as such

We all need rest and comfort,

Cool things

With balance we can make more effort

to be the difference,

especially if that’s how we make a living

We all should do that.

Today? Lazy Poetry/prose?

Tweets.  Peace


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