Details for a Difference

We take exception to detail.

If we shift context

And put ourselves

in different crowds


or maybe

just different times and paradigms of the day

we may find judgement change

YET the exception

if held up

(even just to stand by our first decision)

can greatly impact another’s life


I try to keep my perspective flexible

and appreciate details

that may change due to shifts in context.

I try to stick to a perspective

when it benefits the most.

To me, this is the ultimate detail:

Is it beneficial?

I work to look for validity and reliability

before making decisions.


Significant details?

Surprising moments

From many perspectives

My own

And leading to that of others

My shock to perceptions

Leads to behaviour

that surprises

It’s never been devastating

It’s often been

Healing and productive

For me it’s about learning to adapt

To perspectives and perception


Through consideration, I’ve learned ways

of interpreting perception and perspective

that seem to be more beneficial

to the most possible,

also including myself.

Really?!  You ask.


By angling my decisions in favour of this goal.

I remain open to this,

as opposed to greed or hate:


Yes, details trigger reactions

such as beliefs or behaviours.

We can guide reactions by preparing

for the most collectively beneficial outcome.

We will encourage this,

even if we don’t see each detail

to its greatest potential,

by being open & primed

to make enough difference.


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