Try Enough

I hope that heaven will save us

With eternal glory

But if it is eternal

What’s this part of the story?


What about right now?

Aren’t we part of forever?

If heaven is infinite

I sometimes feel severed


I hope that Hell disappears

No more hard times or horror 

We won’t miss the hard times

Good moods don’t get boring


What makes good times good?

Is it how we compare?

And if Hell is somewhere else

Why does today seem unfair?


Oh my F’n god

You can’t be serious

With this stuff going on

Purgatory is clear to us

Neglect and abuse should not be a thing

End Hell on Earth

Heaven is something we bring


It makes me furious

Where’s the humanity?

They act oblivious

About our plan’s simplicity

Just be kind

How much more clear

can it be?


Look in love’s face

Create a safe space

And share the world’s grace



To be nice, instead of clash

Sacrifice, instead of stash


For the benefit of all

Allow ourselves to fall

In love with the world


Sprawl to make the save

Don’t sweep our duty under the rug

Heaven lands and Hell will fade

The balance is best

When we try enough


I hope that our world improves

From today to tomorrow 

What we’ve learned from the past

For the future we borrow


We will give it all back

We share our time, our treasure 

If heaven is for everyone 

We must work together 


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