We Are Who We Are

Can’t fix tricks

From many years ago

Don’t know what they’re thinking

I don’t go that low

We are who we are

Since you and I were kids

Couldn’t be any kinder

No matter what we did

I can’t explain the pain

Or what caused it

Yet we felt it

Certainly didn’t mean it

Here’s some ice

Now let’s melt it


Can’t always appeal

To everyone we know

Stories I find wholesome

You can find below

We are who we are

Taken by highest bids

But don’t put on the blinders

Open our soul’s eyelids

If we describe the vibe

And the causes

that have held us

Certainly we’ll see it

Share advice

Let sure words tell us


Believe Love

It makes sense

Skip lies and false pretense


Corrupt messenger clouds vision

Dirty waters stir

Makes truth hard to see

And we judge carelessly

Stereotype we assume

Misleading label

Seals the doom of

Any other person

And confusion worsens

Don’t decide fate

Or put an unfair curse on

Wake up to the vision

Of fighting for the same cause

Yesterday won’t change

And the present we Live

Won’t pause

Face the future knowing

we are all here together

It’s not like only a few should succeed

In numbers we are clever

The vain must concede and

Leave their greed

And join our great endeavour


Can’t find the kind

At times it doesn’t show

I’m looking for true love

Everywhere I go

We are who we are

Passion: a thing we hid

Pressure packed side-winder

Surprise corner screech and skid

I can’t articulate fate

and All causes

Yet it rules us

Certainly can’t cheat it

Calm care will suffice

And grow and cool us

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