Focus Our Dreams

With well-planned tapping

of the brain’s


Raw potential

There’s new power and energy

Beginning to form plenty


We understand mapping

of what’s sane as



Our few hours are merging

Spinning into so many

Time spent to comprehend the mind

Better spent to focus our dreams


Nothing’s quite as it seems

The concrete truths that we stand on

And the beliefs that shelter us

Can save us from storms

but wash away with the past


If we hold onto our dreams

Completely choose what we plan on

The relief that’s felt by us

Can create the new norm

And crush bad days with a blast


Lifetimes grappling

With the brain’s

True dilemma

So existential

Infinite power an energy

Give us strength to go on


We fly high tackling

One sand grain

Showing the gem

Of all that is mental

Richest towers splurging

Grind peace till it’s gone

Time spent to figure out the mind

Better spent to focus our dreams


Through all time our light gleams

The studied truths that we land on

The beliefs that are dealt to us

Can lead to good days

Yet disappear with the past


If we follow our dreams

Muddy blues bring a grand dawn

The griefs that are felt by us

Can meet warmth in the haze

And with calm care clear up fast


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