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Stigma of a Cat


Well, this picture is not perfect.  I have to question if it is supposed to be, because I get mixed readings on that.  For starts, it is a crow, not a raven.  This lyric first jumped into my head yesterday, and while the initial rhyme is open to interpretation, I have a certain idea in mind, particularly to encourage a persistent, calm mood and attitude: for understanding behavior (including our own).

Things are not always what they seem to be.  Depression, anxiety, mania and stigma can revert to a calm mood – and healthy understanding, when we ground ourselves, and simply take a slightly different perspective. To do this, often we must ground our decisions about events, people and mental health in the most concrete way we can find.  Make it available.  Do research if necessary. Find out what we can.  From one angle, life can be depressing or bring unreal, anxious, condemning thoughts.  From a perspective grounded in another way – away from negative judgement, we can find calm – even peace.  The thing is: sometimes the most unexpected truths will change our perspective on events and personalities.  Often these truths are quite available.  They may even present themselves.  These details, can be observed when we stretch out.  They can be described by science (sometimes found on google!) and also just by asking another person.

Diversify our perspectives, and find peace in the truths that exist in life and nature. Sometimes these truths are just a slight stretch out of our reach.  We just have to look, and listen hard enough.  Feel the big picture, or identify the details that can help us have a calm, optimistic attitude.  The animals here represent parts of the human spirit, and also the very creatures that exist.

Volatile smile that makes us wild,

Raven flies over all those miles,

Fast cat catches up to the light,

Smile again when we feel alright,

Reason for moods can be as plain as day,

Other times they are hidden far away,

Sometimes the truth is really out of sight,

The cat chased the raven into the night,

Here’s the point, with no intentional guile,

To explain the facts behind this strange style,

If you stay calm you’ll gain the best insight,

Find understanding when the time is right,

These things that happen may seem to be planned,

When stars line up, it’s not a slight of hand,

Events in our life, all the things we say,

Are sure to be lined up in this same way,

Wake up to see the cat beside feathers,

Patience for truth is in need of tethers,

Mystic bird breaks free of the night and day,

Mocks the cat and stigma has gone away

This is a living document on this website.  Updates are most likely to occur within the next month.  I post this today, as it is fresh, but I may like to improve it as I continue to think on these topics.  Happy New Year!  Hope you find health and peace.


Poor Taste that lingers

What is very ironic is the fact that sometimes the best wishes can be buried in misunderstanding,

Again how soon I have forgotten the unthinkable connotations that could be associated with a simple word,

Cry?  How weak are you?

I cry as the oceans heave,

My tears do not dry willingly, and they are not spoken of without passion and compassion,

As if dust has blown in my eyes, and dirt in my face,

I search for fresh water to cleanse wounds,

He does not look forward to breakfast… He does not look forward at all,

He may die without help,

How sick is this man, who speaks of suffering and death like it is his own?

He must pray,

Others must pray for others, and reach out a hand – send their best wishes,


If they have plenty, they must share,

To stop the bleeding, to stop the hunger and thirst,

Right beside you, or far away: someone needs,

It may be an addiction, an illness,

It may be a biological failure – part of the system,

Maybe in a society that has not come round to close the circle…

Of life,

To bring good life,

It may be your family, or a part of the global family,

Did you know we are all related?

It is written in our genetics,

It holds true in space, how near and how far we are, 

Where it may be devastating and tragic,

Where are those that can do something about it?

Offer their contribution,

Money for water and food,

A cup of coffee for a forgotten friend, or someone that has no warmth,

A stamp on an envelope that sends help,

You could be a saviour,

Karma will be thankful that you have reached out,

And given hope.


I really am trying to speak for a cause, but there are so many.  I could list websites and links to charity, but that would be like me choosing.  It is not hard to see in a newspaper, or right beside you: where help is needed.  Everyone has to do their part.  Often everyone, for at least a moment – thinks about it.  Just take it a baby step further.  Walk, the walk.

I’m doing a lot of talking,  My big cause in this blog is mental health, psychology and the arts.  You can probably see why!!!  Anxiety is rampant in this world, and we need to do something about it.  Whether it is the cause that we address, or the effect.