Thoughts that Elevate

What is very ironic is the fact that sometimes the best wishes can be buried in misunderstanding,

Again how soon I have forgotten the unthinkable connotations that could be associated with a simple word,

Cry?  How weak are you?

I cry as the oceans heave,

My tears do not dry willingly, and they are not spoken of without passion and compassion,

The earth,

As if dust has blown in my eyes, and dirt in my face,

I search for fresh water to cleanse wounds,

He does not look forward to breakfast… He does not look forward at all,

He may die without help,

How sick is this man, who speaks of suffering and death like it is his own?

He must pray,

Others must pray for others, and reach out a hand – send their best wishes,


by money and time,

If they have plenty, they must share,

To stop the bleeding, to stop the hunger and thirst,

Right beside you, or far away: someone needs,

It may be an addiction, an illness,

It may be a biological failure – part of the system,

Maybe in a society that has not come round to close the circle…

Of life,

To bring good life,

It may be your family, or a part of the global family,

Did you know we are all related?

It is written in our genetics,

It holds true in time and space, how near and how far we are, 

How much connection we have to the main frame,

Where it may be devastating and tragic,

Where are those that can do something about it?

Offer their contribution,

Money for water and food,

A cup of coffee for a forgotten friend or someone that has no warmth,

A word of encouragement for someone down on their luck,

A stamp on an envelope that sends help,

A thought that elevates,

You could be a saviour,

Karma will be thankful that you have reached out,

And given hope.


I really am trying to speak for a cause, but there are so many.  I could list websites and links to charity, but that would be like me choosing.  It is not hard to see in a newspaper, or right beside you: where help is needed.  Everyone has to do their part.  Often everyone, for at least a moment – thinks about it.  Just take it a baby step further.  Walk, the walk.

I’m doing a lot of talking,  My big cause in this blog is mental health, psychology and the arts.  I try to keep my world functioning, by also being committed to other’s wellness. Sometimes we can make the biggest difference just by taking one extra step.  Whether it is the cause that we address, or the effect. 

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