Rhythm and Synergy

The rhythm carries energy

In intervals to the people

Waves of rising speed and volume

Crescendo, fade and rise again

Today we find the beat and soon

Make our own and extend to friends

We harness others’ good vibes and 

Together with hearts complete

A rhythm that never ends

The best of spirits blend

Receive energy then send


I look up to you

But if you look down on me

I hope I can set you free

So we can both see our plans through

And do the good we do

And make it up to each other

If we should need more attention

Not to say I will be modest

But see the forest through the trees

I hope we can be honest

About rhythms and energies 


Wherever I stand

I am looking up to you

If you look down on me

I hope you can keep me free

So we both can see our dreams through

And do what we want to do

We get along with each other

You forever have my attention

And remain divinely modest

We see the beauty in everything

I know we can be honest

Keep good rhythm and synergy


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