Extra Effort

The cold day is made colder

By people who don’t care

I’d say they are oblivious 

But actually they’re aware


They refuse to change their ways

Instead they set them fast in stone

They assume that hoarding money is cool

Booting humanity from our shared home


Planning for the future

They pack too many bags

Expensive stuff

they’ll never need

while some folks dress in rags

It’s like

Do you really need that item

for that moment

yet you won’t even know when it’s gone

Or do you need

the world that you keep spare

Someone could be using all along?


I am guilty too

I don’t want to share all my stuff

But the truth is

Every step I take

I stretch to try enough

All the time

I live in my world aware

And sometimes

enjoy my own intense excess

But by making

that extra effort to care

I help kind folks with less

Avoid some moments of stress


I am alive

A hypocrite

I preach all I want

It’s not like that

It’s like this:

Living life the fullest

Doing what we can

Steady enough

Not rocking the boat

Banging our heads to plan

Ready to cast our anchor

down to the deepest base

The water’s surface

High above

An even breathing place


Try by default

To stay kind

Keep that goal

locked in our mind

Intentions pure

Shared air refined

Refreshed with one key push

Much less rush

More in touch

And cleansed by time

The world can be a friend

of yours and mine

When we lay it on the line

Come through in the clutch

Build our trust

We are warm by design

Humanity defined


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