The Immediate Moment

Patiently waiting for the sun to rise

There has been no sound since I opened my eyes

Behind the glass windows of modern times

Outside clouds hover

the morning seems idle


Famously facing the bright one in the skies

There has been grey clouds since I dawned my disguise

Behind heavy doors of barricaded days

Night’s proud cover

Opens to dreams that are vital


A volcano bursting into rivers of gold

Years shake and shiver until brought into the fold

Blazing sunlight heats my heart and warms up my soul

The immediate moment never grows old


Patiently waiting for

Hell to freeze over

There has been no sound since the bees in the clover

Behind the glass window of summer’s keen chauffeur

Fall flies by quickly

the fickle year shifts gears


Earnestly facing fast changes in the climate

Planting patches around frost

in lines and we time it

Behind the heavy weight

of the cold earth and snow

Winter’s sleeping engines

stay silent in drifting years


A mountain shimmers

with fields of glowing ice

Like fire from summer’s wheels

Each seasons’ flowing lights

Spring sunshine

Will grow green

past year-end’s frozen price

The immediate moment

Always hits new heights


The immediate moment

Is the apex of life

The peak of

Days and nights

The summit of


and sounds


The immediate moment is completely unbreakable

Totally inescapable 

We must

just take it all



Patiently waiting for the sky to fall

No earth-shattering sound when it breaks through the wall

Behind glass houses they still hear our call

Rain crashes down

It is how we all feel


Graciously facing each moment we crawl

Rivulets on the window

Winding streams enthral 

Behind heavy doors of impenetrable glaze

A storm’s proud front

Opens to dreams that grow real


The top of the day looks past morning’s fog and mist

Tomorrow’s dream runs through the trees

Writhes and twists

Yesterday’s battles shake their heads and their fists

The immediate moment is all that exists


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