A Reflection

The day is only a reflection

of what you think it might be

Fiery truths

Are obscured

by the night’s long cloak

My thoughts are being pulled from my brain

And in the fall season soak

Like wilting leaves

That crumble

Now happily replaced by their own shining colours

A new tomorrow

Freed from the worries of passing clouds


The night is much more

Than what you think it might be

A returning shadow

That has allure

Rhythm pure as day’s best tune

My thoughts start to see through

the envelope

of a darkened room

Earth’s certain moves

So revealing

Now reading the mood of

Distant stars shining

A new today

Freely spinning with

Fast and famous sounds


In the deepest darkest night

Music restores our sight

The vision in our hearts

Becomes clear

At least in parts

And we put it together

With an intense faith in the horizon


In the clearest brightest day

Music shows the way

The magnetic pull on our soul

Defines our main life goal

And it comes together

With lead

Rhythm and bass

in our new sky’s song


In between sun rays and moon beams

are thoughts that can calmly take over

Some heralded as brilliance

Reflecting the sun

Some deemed

quite clearly as mediocre

We all do our best

We are who we are

A shooting star

A teacher or joker

If we look up to the sky

With a song that won’t lie

Our dreams 

Surely will go far


The twilight is often a projection

of what you think it might be

A deciding haze

Connects nights to days

Reality we invoke

Our thoughts

At these times come through most

The sun on the moon thrown

Paint on a stone

That stays or fades

And plays in the window


Intense moments of rock

A new forever


Free to change time

With each heavy thought


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