True Justice

Things are tight
It’s still alright
If we keep in sight
Caring for humanity is
True Justice
Promoting social missions
All our caring visions
Making calming
Peaceful sounds
Reach to every corner of the town
We are all
Getting down
Try to
Make it alright Now
Things are tight
It’s not alright
It’s quite a sight
The way folks fight against
True Justice
Loaded and
Corroded social missions
Many of our Visions
Making hurtful
Lying sounds
There’s nasty feelings all round town
We are all
Getting down
But it’s
Just Not alright Now
What’s not alright
Is preventable harm
Work hard to avoid that
With care and healing charm
Instead of turning a cold shoulder
Say something
Take action
At least take small chances
To improve life here
To get more satisfaction
For all involved
Communicate with reason and ration
To get more problems solved
Treat true justice as a passion
Things are tight
It can be alright
Even out of sight
But we must work hard to find
True justice
Showing more devoted social missions
Clearing up and sharing visions
Making connections
Engaging sounds
In the country and in the town
We are all
Getting down
Judge less for more truth
To make more lives alright now


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