New Days

Brave colours emerge

As the shadows of winter have retreated

Today is the face of new life

Like a new wave rippling

Past the clouds

To challenge the sordid storms of yesterday

Striking with intense rivulets of life

Unearthing buried dreams

Flourishing in our mind

and in our heart


Appropriate attire?

We dress for success

But a name itself 

Can rise from battling stress

Clamber to safety

or descend to our calm place

We are never too far from finding our ground again

Bitter days struggling lead to

New occasions

We shine again and at least contemplate peace


Stare through the protective darkness

Of the trees

Branches of life between us

Shelter eyes

Or fully shade

Days otherwise

Bare to the blinding brilliance of

Our closest star


And healing yet

Dangerous if too direct

Energy flowing

Impossible to live without

Like water and

Our thoughts


Laughter from above

Joined by a chorus far below

Rumors of change

Echo in the sun’s plans

But from where we stand

Excitement remains sparse

Onlookers still shiver

Fretting unseasonable weather

As if we are unprepared

And make light of the situation

Smiling full-heartedly

And with optimism

Hoping others follow


Some look down on

Spring flowers

Frown on the significance of

Sharing color

Frilled and flowing shapes

Reach out with the

Serious aesthetics of

Optimism and whimsy

Extend far past the sardonic rumbles of cynical critics

The detrimental frosty grips lose their touch as

Warmth arrives


Holding fire

And isolating energy

Waves reflect light

Intense like spirit

Through forever changing seasons

Heated vision comforts

Days impacted by neglect

Cold shoulders of the shore

Fade in and out of existence

New days

Trees rise as

Years submersed

Shapes drift

High and low

Bobbing until washed up

Or sinking till the end of time


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