Kind Scary Spirits

In some ways an uneasy brain to begin with

As I look through an autumn window

I see faces in trees plainly grinning

Yet stuck into an unforgiven limbo

I look up to dark clouds boiling

We reflect on the sheer touch of madness

That we are one with the storm rolling

And manage to clear so much of the badness


Hair rises high on Lucy’s neck

Pumpkin hides under the table

Halloween is creeping up on us

Seems our psychic ability is totally stable

Can’t keep clean

Rats deep in blood and guts

Black cat hunts nightly as willing and able

Fat feline, nasty human, vermin and muddy mutts

All of us given a label


How does my isolated vision compare

To true death and evil that impacts real people?

First please note: I’m in some way aware

Of the last breath and steep hills causing upheavals

We all live life

Some suffer way more

Imagery poking at strife is tougher at our core

And all efforts are meant for true love retrieval


Different people


Unfit or redeemed

Do all I can to include

Kindness and keep it clean

Fuss on one thing


About productivity

Can’t bear a gruesome grudge of flawed activity

If I’m feeling strapped

Our world can seem rather mean

I get through days better with a hard-working kind of sheen


Endeavour seems like a part of life

We all push for our goals

But without kindred spirits

It can be like

Walking across hot coals

Alone can feel like it lasts forever

Together feels like a stitch in time

My soul reaches out to you to harmonize

Together we are all

Truly sacred and divine


We must reach out to the children

Who hold our future dimensions and draw out all our moods

There’s no other world to live in

So let’s boldly ensure attention to all these dames and dudes

Far beneath the surface

We all have the same life-goal

To exist happily here on Earth

No matter how young or old


Where is the web that catches all of us?

I know it is there

There is care

That watches over us

If we live with support like a spider

We could feel better and brighter

We should not deny

Connections inside

Or have to decide

When fear is the only divider

and Love is the steadfast rider


Year round

Seconds we play

Fly by fiery and fast

I work hard as I can and as I say

“Nice guys finish last”

Me, I do heavy lifting

of spirit and morals each day

Reach from low to high above ground

Rules and reason may shift, drifting away

But injustice can’t hold good souls down

So how do we get around?


We have patience through the seasons

Endure changes that are timeless

Bow to the phantom of causality

Appreciate random acts of kindness

We start with a similar seed

And the Earth all around

Shaping us as we grow

To our brains and bodies bound

Determined worthy faces

Rise up from the ground


How do we get around injustice?

By aiming for peace and love

For those that don’t know what the fuss is

It’s about working together to get above

Above hate and fear and anger and stigma

Above cruel ends in fate and greed and danger

The smile on my face should be no enigma

I send joy to every friend, family and stranger


I have just eaten some brains

And would like to eat some more

Maybe I’m licking my fingers again

Because there’s some heart inside this kind skull’s core

I wander around aimlessly

Looking for a piece of mind

If you really want to give one to me

I’d be glad as it’s all I can find


Look deep into my eyes

And I will mesmerize you

I won’t bring bad luck

The days won’t suck

No one in the world will despise you

There are no hitches

Not even the witches

They know I’ll stay true to who I am

As we fly the skies

I wear no disguise

This kind magic we have is no sham


On a holiday from sanity?

A helpful view of MacroMichael

Even though I proclaim it’s clean

I use profanity like “Psycho”

The word is over-used on people

that are really just diverse

Special vision doesn’t mean we’re in the movie scene

Stereotypes we choose for people

Often are much worse


Welcome to our house

I’d suggest you come inside

But there’s several zombies here

And werewolf dogs that bite

The gnome will not be vicious

If you suggest you’ll do the dishes

If you’re looking for a guide

Invoke oracle warlocks and witches

Follow the prophetic light

That answers secret wishes


Once we set our goals

And nurture them till full-grown

We can share light in what we dream

Down low or more well-known

The spirit of the times rises

from the ground where it was buried

Death of past life supplies us

Energy found and then carried

In forms calm to some

And to others very scary


Can’t compare our face

Or light from within

Must accommodate

So work together can begin

Help save society

Stand out for good causes

Scare the Hell out of the devil for sure

And all other bullying bosses

At least get them to admit their wrong

With a shallow scream

Remind them to fear our spirit

Every Halloween


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