Compassionate Teams

Rushing through the day

Trying to survive

Years carve the way

Integrity alive

Life of people coursing

Through rapids and channels harsh

Economy forcing

Physical damage and mental scars

If we fairly pool resources

Instead of hoarding excess

We’d see each tree in the forest

And build collective success


Glimmer of hope reflects

River runs through the country

Dim clouds the world elects

Injustice spoken bluntly

Intelligence must outshine dull visions

Science should triumph in waves

Logic should make all decisions

Not toxicity that rants and raves

Bright reason we must work to save


Clouds are not always dark

In still-water beautifully reversed

Truth in our skies at times stark

More welcome if evenly dispersed

Families of trees reach up with joy

Yet may hide views of those under-paid

Though blocking sun can annoy

With sure shelter we have it made in the shade


In barren trees souls reach the sky

Twisted shadows cast

Nothing hides from scanning eyes

Vulnerability is found out fast

Protected by Justice intertwined

With chance and fate and reach of vision

If we can protect and extend our mind

We can succeed in any mission

Patience is a decision


From high above

We have love

And we can ask for more

If we are tough

And find enough

We can live safe at the forest floor

Shelter of trees

And sight of the day

We can exist as we need

Swelter or freeze and nighttime to pay

Lightening won’t miss in words we heed

Heightened bliss in calm signs we read


We achieve more

if we get through the mire

Use what we are born with

And what we acquire

One thing I’m sure of

Life is a road school

We learn on our tour of

Sights like a toadstool

Psychedelic dreams

Sustenance or a quick end

We make it through days

Attack fast or defend

And make life our best friend


We meet for moments

Meek make fast friends

Chatter of fallen years

Celebrate new chances with tail-shaking dances

With a squirrelly chirp choose to say cheers

We chew and chomp

On the fat of a nut with a gnat

Then romp up a tree for a tweet

As a matter of fact I’m all jacked

That you’re sharing your life with me


From the far side

Making tracks

We have to get back

To our world that makes much more sense

Fast as we go

We may still be too slow

Danger on side streets way too intense

As I make my way

This very day

See creatures facing new trouble

Look to humanity to find sanity

And don’t let anything burst our bubble


Fierce beasts turn out not too ferocious

To yawn now might seem precocious

Life’s not boring

So why are you snoring?

I guess we all need some more rest?

Time to ourselves

To take books off shelves

And focus on the cause at hand

No reason to cry

If we all give a try

And for wellness we all take a strong stand


At the same time

It pays to be careful

Face to face with a bear could be terrible

Protect all our space

Don’t get caught up in the chase

Best to be aware and respectful

The bottom line

We should all be fine

But truth is that we’re not

If I jump up and down

And wear a massive frown

It might be because I feel caught


Uprooted trees

Cannot displease

If naturally they’ve fallen down

Let’s just face it

We did not displace it

And nature’s completely all around

But we have a choice

And the human voice

Don’t blame the world for falling

We should rise up high

And with our best try

Fill our duty for nature that’s calling


The sun sets again

Some are in pain

And some could make more of an effort

I do what I can

And work for a plan

Drives me daily to consider the F-word

Come on people

What are you thinking?

Let it slide and others suffer?

Today is the day

To make our work pay

Of your lack of compassion

I’ve had enough of


Puzzle piece lands at night

Then I have words to say

I hope you’re all feeling alright

Tomorrow’s another day

With signs of progress

Time passes fast it seems

I know for sure this is no test

As chance flashes past I hold dreams

Please wake with me to new light

Hold together in compassionate teams


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