Tomorrow’s World

Under tomorrow’s world

Awaits all of our plans

Pinned to the future

Until we can stand

Sit or crawl

Get the weight off of our shoulders

If it rolls back fast

It will crush us like boulders

Walking now with a plan

We should all understand

Get a grip on life

Let’s all lend a hand


Build our goals till they wedge

the world toward wellness

Roll through time together

I should not have to sell this

Our vision of Atlas

Supports all the Earth

Each of our feelings

Carrying the same worth

And when we’re considerate of

All others

It lifts great pressure

that mistakenly smothers


Chip away at the truth

It’s right here before us

Try harder to get through

So no one ignores us

Try every time

just a little bit more

Minor details or major

Reach down to the core

If we all dig down

One shovel deeper

This extra-care gets us past

Hills that are steeper


We blindly climb

through another day’s hour

Reaching higher to find

Plenty and Power

Ignoring connection

Beneath the surface

Money is worshipped

Compassion seen worthless

This is not just a game

To roll laughing in the dirt

Those soaking in excess

should help ease the hurt


Incremental Help


Add it up

Every time

We make a kind caring effort

More and more things work out

Exercise of the best sort

Instead of rushing situations

to be the most self-serving

Take time to do our best for all

No case should be unnerving

Each person has feelings

and deserves the same chance

Make sure we give our most

Prepare with sharing plans


Not giving away my fortune

I don’t have one anyways

But I’m being nice to who I can

And encouraging better ways

Safety’s always first

and I’ll stand up to a bully

I’ll call people on what is wrong

and try to share

Fair friendship fully


I offer the same

Grace to supervisors

Be friendly, honest

and I despise wars

But I will declare

If their actions aren’t fair

“These rules we share!

Yet you act unaware?!”

Convention blocks personalities

If we stigmatize

Discrimination and gross hypocrisy

wreck people’s lives


So I take a stand

Again and again

The future I plan:

the same but less pain

All the weight is coming off

as we climb to the top

Spun back round to the bottom

And it will never stop

Until wellness is prime

And our best efforts achieve

Spreading unconditional kindness

And in a fair world we believe


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