Dig the Mountain

I chip away at a mountain

Move rocks to make my life

Some of the stones I’m smashing

Have an edge as sharp as a knife


The world has an understanding

Break through to share the truth

We need empathy

Not trashing

Comforting words

Not piss and abuse


So competitive and insecure

Ignorance blocks off the mine

Treasure of the mountain

Hidden by selfish design


Misguided masses fuel the volcano

Won’t take kind offerings from our type

Workers, Freaks and Different souls

Thrown into hell

and told to believe the hype

Instead let’s make it right


On the mountain

Digging down

Streams and trees

Leaves on the ground

Drilling sound:

All we know

All we compete for

More than show

Feel and Explore more

Be honest

How we think and Live

Share efforts

Try to help and Give

Break oppressive surface

Barriers we find

We dig best together

Staying Caring and Kind

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