Words Could Be a Beacon (Peace and Love Our Only Purpose)

I am rooted here

There’s no other place for me

I yearn to share ideas

Learn how to set them free

I wait for the loving wind

To pull dreams from my brain

Share good thoughts I cherish

that help to stop the pain


My days don’t seem too long

but I still learn so much

If I could write a song

It should help us be in touch

It would start with vital energy

And feelings from deep inside

It would confirm all the light we see

And from darkness never hide


From much higher above

My soul is diving down

I refresh in inspired love

And crave a break-thru sound

Splash on to the scene

Our wishes would be a wave

Always kind and never mean

With many lives to save


Words could be a beacon

To guide folks past rough troubles

Wind will never weaken

Tide soaks with just soft bubbles

Rock we protect

Depths come to the surface

Fear we reject

Peace and Love our only purpose

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