Good Intention, Follow Through

Love to share stories

Crystal clear

Jury’s out on the cover

But reading’s good

Followed the crowd

Not who I should

Sounds sad

Today’s good

Framed by time

Aim to be kind

Find peace of mind

Like we should


Matter of circumstance


Without explanation

High tension

Good intention

Follow through


Truth in a story

Fighting fear

Felt like a jilted lover

Not feeling good

Won’t call out loud

Maybe I should

Sounds bad

Heals good

Just in time

It’s on your mind

Let’s all be kind

Till it’s good


Matter of life and chance


Without hesitation

High tension

Potent elation

Follow through


Love to share

Every story

Details true

Social pressure

Cosmic stew

All you’re after

Missteps and laughter

Love we need

Strong and free

In every chapter

Climb in the rafters

Holding up time

Boldly kind

This is good

To cross no line

and know we’re kind

I’m sorry

If I turn my back on time


Love to share stories now and here

Worry gone for each other

Mostly feeling good

Swallow what’s proud

I knew we could

Sounds mad

Feels good

Blameless time

Each, one of a kind

All in our mind

It’s understood


Matter of one more glance


Without dissipation

Worth mention

Good intention

Follow through

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