Our Christmas Poem 2020

A heavy snow greets us

piling up on the ground

Streets are treacherous

So: at home we are found

The sidewalks are shovelled

and Salted lightly

Like savoury snacks we love to

Eat up nightly

For health reasoning

We are eating less junk

But we still eat good stuff

A Worthy cost well sunk

Fresh from the oven

My love’s Vegan shortbread

With icing sugar, glazed cherry and crushed candy cane!

More candy canes on the tree or a box of chocolates instead?

With nice fudge, sherry and a sweet brandy strain

And this is the season

To do all of that

It is always Christmas for Santa

That’s why he is phat


I too feel chunky

At this time of year

Not tubby like our cat

(He’s too chubby, it’s clear)

I wouldn’t say I’m like jelly

Not with this rock-hard beer belly

But I do see the mirror

And love Christmas-time cheer


Christmas songs play

As we both sing along

This time of year

We all know the song

And the more excited I get

As the day draws near

It seems so telling…

So closely we’re gelling

And having the finest of times right here…


Yes there have been set-backs

And draw-backs and strife

But this is existence

We work hard for a good life

So: a few nice presents

And much more presence

And we will get through

with so much sheer pleasance

to be here with just you

With love that is true


There is just a few gifts I want

To and from all of us

Our love, peace and health

And a future to trust

With patience, good sense, true faith and care

I am sure, my true love, that we will get there

So, Here’s to a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

For all us together

And this time that we share!

Love Mike XOXOXO


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