Wishes of Wisdom

The wind in our world

is built to carry kind wishes

It’s designed to do that well

according to Karma


Slowly as a breeze blows

leaves from the trees

Eternal butterflies of mind

Draw peace from a cool bellows


Calmly breathing wisps of air

as if to cradle

gentle flames in a winter hearth


The love of our lives

Like sweet scents of seasons

Delivered by a wild wind

Purely transcendental

Intense as cold rain

refreshing the skin

After travelling miles thru clouds

Drawing peace like cold cups of water

Condensation invites us to sip

As a saviour

On days we feel hotter


Words of kind magic

The wind wraps around us

All that U say

Are wishes of wisdom


When I awake

Your words whisk me away

Wash over me

& return me way better


Words of kind magic

The breeze helps me believe

All that U say

Are wishes of wisdom


The truth of today

Often whispered but not heard

Till tornado’s take us away

According to Karma

Fast as a hurricane

That turns on the quiet

Or those who ignore

the truth at hand

Draw peace from the eye of the storm

Understanding brings calm again

The way is paved

By your wishes of wisdom

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