Daily Tightrope Ride

Tightrope ride


Life with the most?

Path far above

Mean cats and coyotes


Watch out!


not to cross the line

Take good care

& work to save time


It’s telephone wire

So we won’t get burned

Skip on the high voltage

I don’t think I’ll return


I must bring food to my home fast

Secure a safety net

so my squirrel world will last


Truth not seen

Written between lines

Picture cut off

By massive grape vines

Pain for a day

Big bosses scoff

Pain forever more

HR writes losses off

Barriers to work

Offer no help to cope

I’m still so productive

Folks think it’s a joke

NO ONE sees the precarious plight

Because I manage to keep up the fight!


Been zapped and crushed

For days couldn’t walk

Yelled at


Like what I say is a shock

I’m an A1 worker

Stick up for the fight

Told I’m delusional and

don’t report right

Factors at play folks can’t understand

My intense spirit seems out of hand

The truth of the matter

Should refresh my brand!


Let’s talk

What’s new?

A Mental Health plea

Widespread issue

Is not right to me

I try to live true

In a sick society

What more can I do?


No more do I want

Than to all get along

Work hard and play hard

Play a favourite song

Bring it in now!

Share all the wealth

So we can each find

our own better health

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