Good Love Won’t Cease

If I move forward today

I might catch on fire

I still stand up high

and let life inspire

Top of the stairs

I wonder where to look

I’ll chase things that move

Like the wind or a brook

I won’t chase a star

That won’t shine bright

I won’t chase

a thread of darkness

into the night


If I take to the sky

I’ll decide where to go

I’ll follow the wind

To places I know

The season is ending

The first leaves have fallen

Been so busy working

I’m covered in pollen

One thing is clear

As I use my sixth sense

Without light to follow

Year’s end could be tense


So I race up a tree

Chasing whatever may move

Then come back to Earth

and get back to my groove

One thing for sure

I’m not a mean stalker

I’m just a cool cat

Quick to purr, pure rocker

I’m brought in at night

Then I don’t disappear

Find stars in my eyes

So we won’t shed a tear


I’m touched by joy

You brilliant visitor

Many faceted eyes

Seem truly exquisite or

Mystic as we chat

An angel leaves to go

There is no chase

Forget the race

And we’ll be fine I know

Reach to the future

Wave a sign of peace

The world changes dramatically

Have faith, Good love won’t cease

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