Under Together

Standing under a sunflower

Just for a minute

Feel like the Cheshire cool cat

Time is not finite


In mere moments I’m scrambling

Crawling deep down a hole fast

As from merciless fire

A new bat from Hell blasts

and We are in it


For certain seconds

or hours



Gripped by reality

Of twisting smoke

Or bright hope

We greet the world with knuckles


Safer to lead with work and strength

Than clenched palms

Of ownership

If we feel like we desire all that

Set up a risk limit

and Never tire of that

All for one

one for all


This is entirely that


Best when

Standing under the sun’s power

To bear it and grin it

From afar admire or chat

Love still is in it

With common sense of science

Not wallowing in mire, a rat

Mindless contagion

Cozy like a vampire brat

Imposing rage in

People who want

to float in

good emotion

and Contribute



Good emotion


We find it from working together

Maybe at a distance

Finding out if it’s safe

Then let’s inquire about that


No matter how you spin it

Humanity is connection

If life’s a game

That’s how we win it

I choose to admire this fact

and Let life inspire impact

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