Get Back-Home, Save the Kids

Whether sun shines or rain falls down

The sky pleases and holds our integrity

Keeping it together like where I’m from

Battle seasons like in Winnipeg city

We know ice arrives

And summer will swelter

Brave pieces of life

Build future shelter

Help Nature heal like a medicine meant to be


With vision in life no pain hits town

The mind’s eye eases it instead of sun

Cup raised in ice like champions

No cool life can freeze up in Edmonton

We know ice arrives

And summer will melt it

Brave pieces of life

Just like how we felt it

Have patience and good emotion will get it on


With optimism nature will come around

Our love and care for life builds beauty

No missed chance or wasted moment

In PoCo, Coquitlam or Moody

Pure nature arrives

And summer has held up

Brave pieces of life

Makes me just belt out

I have passion and truly feel it’s my duty


Lived in these places longer than most

Have also travelled from coast to coast

Fortunate and still trying to give back


Stories to tell from Manitoba’s White Shell

I’ve had a hard sell and been through Hell too


How I get back

Pull pieces together

True help from the weather…


Feel fine

When I get back

Pull pieces together

Won’t chase a feather


Flown Down Under for free

Lived hill-life Burnaby

Now money’s tough

No complaint

That’s rough

Spent much time on a beach in Florida


Met Morrison’s ghost

More times than most

At tables I’m ready to chalk it up


As sun shines or rain falls down

We believe love

And play all the hits

We grow stronger when time is found

It’s ok

Seize the day

Maple Ridge

Life has surprises

As summer tells us

Brave pieces of life

When winter wells up

Tears of grey

Go away

Respect nature and play

Every way and day

Save the kids

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