Energy Behind the Clouds

april14 011

Hey there Clouds,

Get out of my way!

I’m looking for a sun shiny day,

Sky, looking down like smoldering ashes,

Past the edges of clouds, the sun brightly flashes,

Gold and white blasts through squinting eyelashes,

Freedom that blinds us, the brilliant lights catch us,

Hey there clouds,

Come make my day,

Cloud over the sky,

Make it all grey,

My mood is sullen,

And you make it stay,

Bright thoughts in my head,

Make me okay again,

Bad moods are a big mistake,

There is just a cloud in the way,

Get it out of my head,

Got to get it out of my head,

Never going to die,

Never going to die,

Never going to be dead,

Get it out of my head,

Now I want to see it thru,

Just like the sun,

I want the blue,

No bad mood,

Just colors true,

I won’t feel sad,

I won’t forget you,

Never going to do it,

Never going to do it,

Never going to do it again,

Got to get it through my head,

Just a bad thought,

Caused a bad mood,

Think of sunshine,

Got to get it into my head,

Mercy, mercy, tear dries,

Got to get clouds out of my head,



Be the wind,

Be the calm,

Clouds will clear,

Times turn out nice,

And it opens your eyes,

Peaceful hours arrive,

It’s good to be alive,

Encumbered by this challenge, at times when I used to stress,

All I see now is the fire, and feel the drive for success,

Strive to get above the money, and the coldest monotony,

I want to share a vision with people, so that they know what I’ve got in me,

The sun loves the blue,

Just like the clouds do,

And the hours can still stay as fair,

If I happen to stare into dark clouds with you,

Of the sunshine I am always aware

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