Mood of Rainy Faith

IMG_3204 (2)

It’s one of those times when I step outside,
And the air all around me, just feels so right,
The wind is welcoming and the scene is bold,
Impressions of trees and things, are brighter than gold,

It feels like I have been inside for weeks,
When really, it’s only been half a day,
Finally, I step outside into the open air,
The sanctuary is cold and grey,

The images of the day are crisp through the misty,
Flowing precipitation of the autumn skies,
Tasks are complete, and now we have time to play,
Or work for more hours to attain the prize,

The questioning of tomorrow becomes less and less,
Because I know just how far it will go,
It won’t ever change, though it may rearrange,
“We will have it made in spades,” is the undertow,

It’s the story of another rainy day,
When all the fear has gone away,
Time now moves past smooth, not tense,
Schemes of beauty make more sense,
Existence forms when angels pray,
Tells us the way the opposition will play,
Rugged nature frames every static hour,
Weather breaking peacefully or in dramatic power,
Now, everything I want is here to stay,
Even though its cold and damp today,
This sunny dream has gone far astray,
We all need freedom to be okay,
With torrential rains of faith, life is a complete downpour,
The fresh moments we savor most when we burst right out the door

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