Make it



Riding down the road and

We’re knowing where we’re going,

And each of us is saying,

This is the right way,

Hey, hey,


Arriving at a fight and

We hope it’s just for show,

And each of us is saying,

It will be okay,

Hey, hey,


When we feel the struggle,

Shouldn’t ever make it double,

Fighting for justice,

Bring it into the light,


When we feel some trouble,

Calmly do what we’re able,

Biting at the bit,

Won’t ever make it right,

Make it right,


Walking down the street and

We’re meeting and we’re greeting,

Everybody saying,

Have a nice day,


Walking through the world and

We’re pacing what we’re facing,

Everybody saying,

Make it a nice day,

Hey, hey,

Hey, hey

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