Immutable Again





To only be immutable, irrefutable and cool not cold,

We enjoy seven to eleven and are as bold as we are told,

Never to be confused, or in any way abused,

But your patience is the difference that it makes,

Don’t forsake the good friends,

May no truth be too intense,

Even if you might make a few mistakes,


To just enjoy the calm of silence, without the violence, and find a truth to trust,

Forget the blame, because it is all the same, in some ways we all live by our lust,

Not to condone sin, but let everyone known in,

Sometimes to be real, depends on what we fake,

Don’t forsake your good sense,

Watch the time you sent false pretense,

Know the pay off in equivalence you make,


Do only what you know is right, don’t cause a fight, and think it through,

Learn peace is found in the clear bold sound of the goods you show to be true,

Not to pretend love, but when push comes, why then shove?

Soon to see there is one clear way we will succeed,

Don’t misread what to say,

Or do time that you should not pay,

But work hard to reach goals with our quick speed


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