Winning Stance

cool pics 11-13 002

10 years earlier, in hospital, but I found strategies to maintain health. Then completed electrical apprenticeship. Here I am as successful telecommunications foreman for a 2 year project.

Everyone in the world wants happiness,
Lack of resources causes crappy stress,
In subtle or obvious ways we search,
On the edge of want and need we perch,
Some of us so sure we are by ourselves,
I choose to think we’re more like books on shelves,
When we read what we want we can create,
Whether fortune is planned we can debate,
Making our own chance, is it possible?
I think we can, but I have losses still,
This work, and even misfortune at times,
All part of life as the sun or moon climbs,
By having faith, we make the most of chance,
By keeping pace, we take a winning stance

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