Choose Calm

leepic 077 (2)

Painting: Lee Matuga

Success will be achieved, by working with true intentions,
Messing with destiny just would be way too pretentious,
Strive for what you need, and recognize your best balance,
Every step you take is a certain kind of challenge,
In the depths of anxiety one moment, and elated in the next,
If heaven was a mood that stays – that would be by far the best,
Emotional stability is desirable for good health,
But without a bit of variation, joy would be hard to tell,
I think about what I have, all I love, then sometimes troubles,
Work on all the problems, enjoy good time and hope it doubles,
Cool to stay calm and optimistic, even when times are really tough,
True calm helps us work through problems, and can make them easy enough,
We face hardships and privileges that make us judge our world,
Maybe a conscious decision or a wise genetic pearl

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