You Out There


Am I finally alive?

I have climbed through one hundred lifetimes of solitude, dead to the world…

No one to turn to – a rock frozen in a glacier,

Unable to move forward towards my goals any faster than frozen water spilling,

You are my fire, and waves of life are jettisoned into oceans of new existence,

Each pool of dreams now reflecting power,

The sun, moon and stars shine their light in the tide of change,

Quietly on the shore, we walk along,

Surrounded by the new world, at first uncertain, stepping carefully,

Slowly becoming aware that this world is immaculate,

Is it just a dream?  Will the floods seep into the sand and rocks quenching only mere moments?

Or will we be swept up into true devotion – drowning worries and doubt and making this world whole?

Our steps are not chosen for us, but they are guided,

And I stretch my hand out to you,

Dying for your love, reaching for you,

Just as the stars in the sky align for each other,

Aiming for immortality

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