pics 11-13 009

In the 1990’s I went to university. I had to do a lot of thinking to do.


My thoughts are careening, corroding,
I’m crying foul if I don’t find some better power,
Won’t be upset at all, to slip into a free fall,
No wreckage diving through these clouds and icy showers,
Our life can be like the road, each corner’s showed, only when the wheel is spinning round,

The destination saves, brighter days,
At the next turn you see stripes on the roadside stand still,
Just know where to park it, and when you should start it,
That way you have the best chance to live all of life’s thrills,
Each day the earth will still move, Surely time proves exactly what we have always found,
Average days, blend into haze, but pure excitement saves the days by leaps and bounds,

Maybe your next life time, will be the right time to cash in on all of your reserves,
If you are lucky and hard-working then tomorrow you may get what you deserve,
You can’t wait for karma to kick in,
But if you drive steady cool, and stay fair to rule,
You may find it all comes around,

Make the best choice, use your mind’s voice,
And be poised to ensure you keep raising the bars,
Know when there’s time at hand, its best to plan,
If you see their light, keep shooting for the stars,
There no use waiting, and then fading – pretending it will all happen by itself,
Our brain catapults best results, if we choose the right stations, learn patience, and stealth,

My thoughts are brightening, enlightening, I’m still fighting to make it all work out,
There is no losing, just choosing and I am cruising past all those irritating doubts,
I know what I need, and I don’t have greed, or lead a distant co-existence,
We are all out there, and that’s exactly where, we all live to learn, burn, and mend,
Life can be so serene, or totally mean, – What you give: you will get back in the end

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