Enhancing Moods

guitar photo

I did not get entirely involved in the Rock and Roll mission, but I love the music a tonne. Blues music, metal has helped me too.

Phones and bones and cheap colognes,

Cars and bars and starlight,

Tones, the jones and sweet unknowns,

Mars is ours, no bar-fight,

In life we sometimes may take a big chance,

Goes well for as long as I’m in a trance,

Energy to enhance ways we stay real,

In all of life, romance and passion to feel,

Signs, fine lines and love that shines,

Tints, eye-glints and flirting,

Spines, soft pines and truth combines,

Mints and hints and sure things,

In life sometimes I have just jumped too soon,

Put it all on the line – over the moon,

Fallen through clouds when I’ve been played the fool,

Left in the desert, my shadow is cool,

Looking for miles, barren landscape is there,

Unlimited time forever we share,

But just sometimes, I’d been caught in a snare,

When courage failed, my connections were rare,

Too soon, too late, over-anticipate,

But in time I think it’s all worked out fair,

Rays, good days and love that stays,

Sand, and tans worth planning,

Praise, eyes glazed and truthful ways,

Glance and stance still standing,

Courage carries and connections that care,

All of our lives we have found they are there,

And in good times, we are surly aware,

To celebrate the moments that we share,

So quick, so slow, see how far it can go,

The truth’s absolutely all I can bare,

Truth and couth and photo booths,

Friends and trends and dancing,

Moves and grooves and love that soothes,

Ends and bends advancing,

Shows and pros and night that glows,

Moods and broods are steady,

Crows and lows, the way it goes,

Blues and news, I’m ready


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