Pop-cultured: Cool Cat

Along the same train of thought:  While rock music is entertaining and can encourage a lifestyle –  An artistic quest for fame has been scientifically studied and this ‘rock star-drive’ can lead to problems. We want to share our stuff, but we also need to find a common-sense way to do that.
A rock and roll lifestyle may be most known to include risk-taking – especially in partying and extreme behaviour.  I have toned that down a lot – having learned what is best for my health. I used to go sky-diving, cliff-jumping, fast-driving and party every night.  I have learned that if I want to live to see my kids grow old and happily, then the rock and roll lifestyle must we watered down.  It is very helpful to follow professional advice, and important to live fully, but observe moderation when indulging.  I have stayed clear of hard drugs.  It just makes sense for good health to avoid danger and work to minimize risks.
We may want to live famously – and that’s alright.  Be popular and have fun, but don’t necessarily expect real fame and fortune to just happen  – no matter how talented you are, or if you really have a message! I play a lot of guitar and sing. I write lyrics?  Fame means money, sometimes. Now I realize that there are so many things that need to connect (other than drive, money and even talent).  For example: connections, timing, location – then money, talent, drive, charisma, Stability, work, work, work ;  it is a very unlikely goal: to be famous.  Even when it seems like it is possible- it is still one in a million.  What has often become apparent is that it may not be that great even if you do get there.  It can actually be more difficult and stressful than the life you lead now.  Be popular for the right reasons – like promoting a good lifestyle for yourself and others.  If you have that now – ask yourself “Why is fame necessary?”.  Living in the spotlight can be a nightmare.  Even money may cause problems.  It can lead to excess that may turn out to wear you down, or kill you. Yah, sometimes I am sure: Fame is awesome.  Sometimes a simple working life is far better…. I would think.
The stretch for fame can cause behaviour that leads to problems such as stigma, other social issues, injury and burn-out.  I’m not saying ‘don’t reach for the stars,’ but just be grounded and realistic when you do.  Take care of your health first.
Pop Music, Youth Idols
Cool Cat
Written about pop music of the 20th century.
Lead singer for a hot rock and roll band,
Half human, and always half in the can,
Youth idol, wonder if it’s all been planned,
Just sometimes, at least that one in a grand,
Hound for the ladies, who handles them well,
How’s it going now, I’m busy can’t you tell?
You’re so cool. You’ve got a big attitude,
You’re super human to some, when they’re in the mood,
Good looking and at least half-way sexy,
Bad manners, makes you look like you’re free,
Sharp shooter, and as tough as nails can be,
Not mean, but careless, at least that one in three,
Hound for the bottle, you handle it well,
How’s it going; – go straight to hell,
You’re so cool. You’ve got an attitude,
You’re charming to most, when you’re in the mood,  
You go dude,
That loser has just never been too cool,
Can’t understand why sometimes you’re a fool,
Changing ways, and then with a little luck,
Cool for a while, until you get star struck,
You suck,
Social butterfly, always says the right things,
Slow to start, but now you’ve got something,
Quite smooth, hey – after all you learned to sing,
Nice groove, thanks, still waiting for the phone to ring,
Hound for the music, may handle it well,
How’s it going now? Just swell,
Changed your ways, and then with a little luck,
Slick as oil, and the solid gold you’ve struck,
Do you feel real cool, with some kind of attitude?
You’re always lucky, when you’re in the mood,
You’re so cool, with a genuine attitude,
Who’s cool?

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