Rock and Roller Coaster – Family Safe

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* Disclaimer for all the people who use stigma and don’t ever ask how it actually was (perhaps my fault for being unintentionally misleading to my own discredit, with my previous writing):

I have never been a raging alcoholic or an abusive drunk.  I enjoy a few drinks.  I have had some tough evenings and some tough mornings.  It has never spiraled into weeks, or a dependency.  If I have been drinking at home, it has been responsible.  For a few years (I am revisiting this blog), I was relocated to the garage to play music, where I would have a few drinks and jam.  The reason that I was forced to that area, and my kids to their bedrooms is because we were not allowed to use the other living space, even for family time.  One of the tenants was a tyrant.  Just saying.  It is better now for all of us.


Roller coasters are fun right?  Well maybe that is the best way to look at it.  Smile through the highs and lows.  Throw your arms up and scream on the corners or big drops.  It is important to be buckled in and on a safe ride.

Life is thrilling at times.  We have to make sure that those safety devices are in place.  Good judgement and self-management strategies can really help safety.  Often good judgement depends on mood and the enacting of self-management strategies.

Strategies for good health will involve nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep routines, stress-management and just taking care of yourself.  Many other strategies can contribute to mental wellness.  Enjoying life is important.  Maybe enjoyment only comes in small doses, but if we follow all of our strategies, we can enable enjoyment.

Stress management is really important, as well as how we interact socially.  If we keep a positive attitude and allow ourselves to occasionally throw our arms up and scream (when it is not too disturbing to others), we can enjoy thrills without risking real danger.  I think it is partly the ability to make light of tough situations and make the most of good times.  Sure it is important to take problems seriously, but after we have given it our all and made a strong effort to overcome problems – it may be necessary to put it in the hands of fate, enjoy ourselves and wait for our next opportunity to try again.

Rock music is often a troubled genre, with a lot of excess – even to the point that the fun may be lost… or devastated.  On the other hand, this type of music can be exciting and enjoyable for the right people- and on a very consistent basis.   I think if we try to enjoy the ride while we can, and work on ways to make it better – with responsibility: rock can be similar to the enjoyment of the (safe) roller coaster.  Minimizing risks is important.  Taking some planned risks, may be necessary for success.  Sometimes just making a bit of noise to get attention is necessary.   Risking your life in drugs or alcohol is not a risk worth taking…  Life is more predictable (and safe) when moderation rules.

It is not as easy to develop sound self-management strategies when you are a starving musician, or you are on the scene.  Life is what you make it.  Survival and success can depend on good-timing, harnessing your true strengths and minimizing losses through careful risk management and strategic care for your health.

This poem has some elements of the rock-and-roll–feel and my enjoyment for the genre.  I also look at the realities that I deal with in life that run along with my appreciation for the music; For example, having to get up to the alarm clock, deal with problems and pay the bills are all a part of a healthy home life.  The reference to ‘rock’ is the music and not a drug reference.  Personally, I think such drugs should be avoided and in every case have the chance to lead to disaster.  Rock is associated with drinking.  It is important to be responsible.



Outside ways depend on the weather,

T-shirts, fleece, nylon or leather,

In the park children play,

We are vigilant so they don’t stray,


Inside ball breaks the cup of glass,

Careful now, better clean up fast,

Outside the window it is pouring,

T.V. shows are more than boring,


Found a new show, some mock excitement,

Find out I’ve become truly enlightened,

No thoughts now, but that insight,

Here we go on another ride,


Ride the rolling coast yah,

Roll the dice once in a while,

Ride the rock and coast yah,

Rock has found a way to make it home,


Found a new drink, it gets you drinking,

Makes me think, all my fortune is sinking,

No money now, but the bright side,

Here we go for another ride,


Ride the rolling coast,

Roll the dice one more time,

Ride the rock and coast yah,

Rock in my shoe, has been with me all day,


Out of work, I don’t seem so clever,

Thought honesty would be a lever,

In this world everything matters,

Money and wealth or starving in tatters,


Found a new job so I can pay the bills,

Find it hard to clean milk when it spills,

No more peace, somewhere to hide,

Here we go on another ride,


Ride the roller coaster,

Rolling over to that beeping sound,

Ride the roller coaster,

Rollin, rocking, no way else to be



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