Putting Experience into Words

I am approaching some of the hurdles in my goal to change careers.   I want to find a career in psychology, which also means I need to get more education, somewhere along the way.  Communications is another big hurdle.  I have been working hard at it, and as usual: saying a lot.  I will have to reach out to a lot of people, with a lot of info to have a chance.   I need to find mentors in academics.   I feel that I have made progress.   I have found my way to opportunities, and I am starting to realize how to make communications work better… over a long period of time.  I should of course mention that this blog is creative writing and part of my efforts, but that some of the more important writing in my goal-pursuit, is more research-based and not on this blog.

This blog may be one example of reaching out.  I do feel that writing out insights and planning out loud can propel a goal.  Social networking can build contacts with confidence that can encourage success.  The only way I am going to get ahead is by taking at least a few necessary (and only mild to moderate) risks.  So for example, I will send out notes in a wide range of media that may appeal to some, but not to others.  I need to appeal to the widest amount, while still being dedicated to my specific interests.  I seek to gain many more contacts, but I risk losing some other contacts. I have been writing more than a few blogs now and there has been some increases in readership.   I hope my candour is helping my cause.  I hope that some of my comments are taken with a grain of salt, and that my view will be appreciated enough to help me win people’s confidence.

Writing that dates back to twenty-five years ago could potentially have a different sort of impact.  I am a bit concerned that some of these views may be mistaken for my current view.

It is poetry? Sometimes words are flowing and powerful.  Other times words are just pushed together in an effort to relay a simple message. Does it work?  Complex messages bring a greater challenge.   I think this poem falls somewhere in between.  All these complex topics are challenging, and also I put a time limit on it.  It is after all a hobby – poetry.  Time constraints are a big concern for anyone, but especially when stress and the ‘to-do’ lists are starting to pile up.  It takes time to do anything – read a poem, write a poem, or explain your work to others.

Often social issues can rise from the content and tempo of a conversation – or for that matter: in creative writing.  Some people while reading can also tend to speed up, and in doing so lose the message.  In presenting essays or poems – time clearly plays a factor.  I hope you will keep in mind that these blogs are written according to time constraints. These are the words that I worked with today:

Talk Therapy

Through the lens of history I see today:
A world inviting new definition,
I throw out bold, brash comments left and right,
No fear for casualty in attrition,

From this stark rage I am running into,
Studies in the particular topics,
I see so clearly the pointed brilliance,
Of science tremendous yet microscopic,

Focussed, I still appreciate the morning,
As the sun burns through the tired clouds,
There’s no ideal perception I’m scorning,
Our thoughts can come together to be quite proud,

Whatever differences we have conceived,
These ideas often ripe for the picking,
This basket is filled for the family,
These cases are common and count still clicking,

Not one mistaken morsel is piling,
As the day’s selection is painstaking,
Slight variance celebrated, we’re smiling,
Certainly strict measures: so ground-breaking,

It is too early to see if it will,
Come into focus for the consumer,
The creator, keeper and provider,
Now challenged to use care with rumour,

The product is not yet marketable,
Is it in the recommended diet?
Traces of a mild toxin have been found,
It’s been handled, but can you deny it?

Was it from the cooking-preparation?
Antique methods, with utensils tainted,
Or inherited from generations,
Socially defined – a true form painted,

Hard core, but a soft heart, thick-skin cladded,
Theory in numbers – would you be surprised?
Pesticides, or something that may have been added?
It is what this earth yields that still defies,

Can it be used  – an exquisite new dish?
Perhaps a seasoning that we forgot,
Or a brand new perspective that we missed,
The right dose compliments what I last bought,

The words blend smooth like an old recipe,
The thoughts won’t fade, and help me manage well,
Helping others works so effectively,
Main course waits, appetizing vantage tells.

Like I say words pushed together.


A blog is usually pretty casual -even personal. A person applying for an interview is typically formal. I think I have been compromising the formal -especially when I publish this. Can we say that this is a sign of modern media and “the blog”? I would hope that these ideas could reflect on useful ways to interact in such a scenario. I don’t talk like this in everyday life. I don’t have that much freedom. I expect that some of you may question my methods while others will share an interest – even inspiration (Please comment). Best to all.

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