Words to Say

I just wanted to say a few words tonight.  I am back at regular work today – really full on into hard work, but it went well.  I had a meeting also … seemed a bit apprehensive, but it also went well.

I have talked a lot about perspective and a holistic viewpoint.  Really???  That’s pretty difficult to pin down.  Say that I call the view of a macrocosm as holistic.  That’s fine, but it has been brought to my attention that a truly holistic view might be very hard to achieve.  My friend asked, “How could one person be able to see that much – the views of others…  six billion others plus… ?”  Well, I think for our purposes – that is stretching it a bit.

Anyways that’s just something that has been pointed out to me.  Of course, for a single practice: A whole would not encompass as much of a universal view;  Rather at one time – one would strive to address all of the aspects that affect one life… one person’s macrocosm?

I try to be approachable, yet with a lot of this talk… it’s just me.  I know that I address the ironies a lot, synchronicity even.  Really I am stable and steady!  These connections are treated as anomalies. My perception and focus seem to be drawn a certain way sometimes, but I am quickly able to regain focus in any practical situation. Really these are totally objective views. The meaning in synchronicity is often subjective only in the connection (that others cannot see). If these experiences were falsifiable, they would be totally objective examples of the phenomenon – beyond common science. Hopefully I will have the opportunity in academics that my hard work and achieving productivity will happen enough to get me past that old stigmatizing focus.   Do you know that if you send a reply – it goes through my email first?  Feel free to drop me a line.

The following poem was written in a hurry, but I held on to it.  I picture it to a reggae beat.  It is supposed to be happy.  🙂

Say . . .

What you mean is words to say,

We’re going to say it our own way,

What you mean is words to find,

We’re going to find it in our own mind,

What you need is things to see,

We’re going to find what we believe,

What you need is things to know,

We’re going to find it high and low,

Nothing can be taken for granted,

Even the truth slightly slanted,

Or the rhyme and the rhythm falsely taken,

What you want is peace of mind,

We’re going to stay happy for all time,

What you want is peace forever,

We might not be that clever,

What we want is things to remain,

We’re going to find it change again,

What we want is a few more friends,

That will stay until the end

Sounds a bit sour perhaps.  The bridge: “The rhyme and the rhythm falsely taken”- It is all about interpretation.  Hard to judge sometimes, especially without a tone of voice or other indication… Perceptions can change too.  Add music – it could be totally different.  Really the conclusion is up:  Make more friends… Isn’t that positive?  Maybe it’s ambiguous.  I hope you appreciate it.  That is my intention.

Anyways, I hope you are well, and this sideways poetry hasn’t put you off…  Best wishes, whatever time of day – where and when you are reading this.

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