My craft in recovery.

Whoa…..  I just watched the roller coaster today.  All the rides at the fair looked like fun, but my back is in bad shape, and I can’t go on such rides.  In life as well, I try to bypass the ‘roller coaster’.  My experiences for at least the last ten years have not involved the dangerous events that I lived through back in the nineties. I still have many viewpoints similar to back then, but I am able to make decisions that are less troublesome – and have more patience for decision-making in emotional situations.

The poem below was written as I went to university.  In fact, I put it as the title page for an essay on Shamanism (as an alternate healing treatment).  I got an A- and was a bit disappointed in that, but looking back, some of my work was too heavily influenced by my moods and any A was acceptable!  The poem again looks at perspectives and awareness.  It is the mood that can be like a dream state that really needs to be grounded.


Stranger places, I have never been,

Things like this, I have never seen,

Living in a world that lives with me,

My body confined, but my mind is free,

The illusion of daylight buries the gem,

Obscuring the truths to be found in them,

The mystic sees through the physical light,

Past the material to eternal night,

Ancient lands where I have never been,

Strangers faces that I have never seen,

Exploring places in another time,

Discovering treasures locked in my mind,

As I awake, the gem still glitters in my mind,

Then I open my eyes and leave it behind,

Surely the day could join in such travels,

The gift that the night always unravels,

Once forgotten, now the apple is rotten,

Without ever eating the last bite,

Falling down with a triumphant sound,

The dying dream leaves seeds for the light.


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