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Looking Past the Screen

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The constant stream of catchy news stories and exciting headlines can sometimes blur more important morals and the better qualities of human nature that – in my opinion: we should be striving for.  It may be a dog-eat-dog world, but with a bunch of effort I think that we can preserve our good intent.  This poem is kind of meant to question how aware we are of the humanity that is buried under the flashy movies, television and constant barrage of media that we perceive.  Even in viewing a still photograph – we may judge the book by its cover, and not look for deeper meaning.  Maybe…. Sometimes we are too lazy to look for the core truth of a perception – the knowledge of human consciousness and how we can help others as well as better ourselves by digging a bit more for a collectively beneficial way of perceiving and then strategizing for better morality.  A deeper and more productive level of co-operation may be lost by going with the easy answers – the first look decision, or the popular way of judging or even stereotyping.  Not to say that the first impression is always incorrect.  It may in fact be highly accurate, but other perspectives can contribute to a greater understanding.  Falling into the trap of stereotyping can be detrimental for all involved, when just a bit more time can create a more useful level of awareness.


Isn’t it Odd?

Isn’t it odd how all the screens glisten,

I wonder if there is a show that I’ve been missing,

I cannot fathom how to escape their glare,

I will show my strength and avoid the stare,

Isn’t it strange how nobody listens?

I wonder if they just made that decision,

Or if they are being consumed,

And are not the consumer

Wait for the words to make sense,

But it is impossible to get through when you won’t pretend – to understand.

Not only must the disbelief be suspended,

Beyond that: the lines must be connected,

Even if they go through the unknown and the highly improbable,

All is protected, by the individual,


Isn’t it odd how all the photos glisten,

I wonder if there is an opportunity I’ve been missing,

The unusual part is that what you see speaks,

The quiet part is sometimes the reality.

Isn’t it strange that no one searches?

I wonder if they just made that decision,

Or if they are being controlled,

And are not the controller

I’m sure the words must make sense,

But it is impossible to get through when you won’t extend

– and understand


Yes, it is a hard world. Sometimes it is difficult to know what media or who to trust.  I continue to be optimistic (hopefully not too much) that extra effort towards collective goals can provide the individual with success as well.  Sometimes you just have to fight to make it through, but it can also be beneficial to take time to consider the net outcome – and even draw strength from more considerate plans and strategies.  Perhaps these are idealistic goals, but we could still work with the subject matter.