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If you read the last blog, you will see a point of view that is emerging – that all the drinking, and drugs that society engages in, is at least in part: an effort to join in and find spirit.  While this may be a large generalization – it seems that this is one reason why we might have a drink, or why someone might do a drug.  My point is that, we need to focus more on the inner-strength and beauty to avoid letting substance use become a crutch.  Also we really need to be able to connect our selves with others in a positive way.  When people can’t achieve this connection, they may try to hide or seek freedom in what can actually be a tight corner, that is more confining than the initial space.  It seems best to have clean connections:  Ones that are not fettered by substance use. This may be difficult.  When care and attention is taken to minimize these risks, some things may be permissible… IF health is not threatened. Moderation for substances like alcohol, coffee, nicotine, pot, etcetera is important for people that can afford this indulging.  Clearly: Some extreme forms of drug use can act as an impediment to a healthy world.  It’s what people choose, and what draws them in. It is unfortunate that people are put in the spot where they feel there is no where else to turn.  I think that if we co-operate with a drive to bridge gaps in communication and economics – addictions to substances may become less.  This is a complex bridge to build.  However: awareness of mental health and how that coincides with substance use may be a first step to help many people.  Once people are on the road to recovery, fair treatment, personal initiative and continued availability of the collective knowledge about health: can help keep the path clear.

This obligatory poem was written about some of the issues that can happen in substance use.



Years ago I did something that changed my world,

For a moment thought I was back then for sure,

Dragged enough and jostled just a little more,

Things are said, I can’t forget,

I guess my actions were mislead,

I don’t mind, by this time,

But I still care about that long lost friend,

The dog won‘t attack,


Just last year I did something that changed my world,

For a moment thought that I was free and pure,

Dreamed enough and thought I could do much more,

Things were said, but instead,

I guess my actions were misread,

I don’t mind, how unkind,

But I still care about the cat that’s dead,

How can he come back?


Things they are reminding me,

Thoughts that still come to me,

Memories chasing me,

Only time can make me see,

It’s all coming back to me,


Just last night I did something that changed my world,

For a moment thought that I had found the cure,

Drank enough and wanted just a little more,

Things were said, lost my head,

I guess my actions were mislead,

I don’t mind, what they find,

I just don’t care about the rat I’ve fed,

He’s not coming back,


Things that are reminding me,

Thoughts that still come to me,

Animals just like me,

Now that I have set them free,

Will they come back for me?



Cosmetic repair hides the seams of reality,

Our superficial nature glosses over with the need for stitches,

The need for buttons, zippers, collars, ties and fashionable statements,

Embracing the creation – the unnatural façade… 

Yes: enhancing,

But not realizing that the true being – the true form is beautiful,

Wild and rolling, like the sea against the sky,

And out into the spaces in between,

We are hushed by the script itself,

Forced to read within the lines,

And work too hard to share the perspective between all,

But not of all,

While the wall is built further with the bricks that are meant for the bridge,

Still we pile on the layers,

Where the path may never connect again,

We need to take those steps back, to reconnect,

Build harmony and melody to create the rhythm,

To find synergy…

Harmony has been lost,

Dissonance remains,

The strides we make: must draw on the inner-strength,

Beneath the skin, within the heart and spirit,

To find the shared space:

The collective energy,

Inwards and

Out again,

Overcome the wall, the trouble that seethes,

Past the sea, past the sky, past the earth and into the peace,

The calm:  the forgotten instinct – strong and free.


Listening to Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix – alphabetical on my ipod.  They had the right idea in a lot of ways.  Extremely unfortunate issues that took them too soon, and that still persist.  With care and attention we can develop the same values without the problems of addiction that devastate lives.  I believe that it is the need for spirit that drove them past the stop.  If the people with the more practical edge could see the need for a somewhat deeper connection with such energy, perhaps so many good people would not go out onto that limb… trying to reach out…. too far.