Our Image of Life (Chime In)

Not every window

Has the smoothest glass

Some are broken and jagged

And weren’t meant to last

A broom cleans the mess

There’s a fresh view soon

A new frame chimes in with a resilient tune


We get on with the day

It’s not even noon

The sun splashes down like a water balloon

We look to the sky

The clouds are scattered

Our image of life

can never be shattered


Not every hero

Bashes villains with a blast

Some are haggard and ragged

And more slow than fast

No doom have we met

We are blessed by the moon

A new world chimes in with a familiar tune


We get on with the hours

Super powers real soon

Stars swirl like sugar in coffee with a spoon

We look to the sky

Like a giant platter

Our image of life

Is all that matters


Our image of life

Is vivid at times

It helps us get along


Objectivity chimes in

So the image can begin

How we perceive the universe

can make us strong


Alternate views

And which angle we choose

Give us our image

So different between me and you


Let’s get it together

When we build trust

we uncover

Our image of life

And how we each can belong


More objective in

Our total world view


Our image of life

will always be new

Working to keep it healthy

For everyone: Complete 

Is the very

Best we can do


Not every shadow

Has a troubled past

Some with passion and swagger

Are not part of the cast

A room lights up best

When it is high-noon

The new music chimes in with a thrilling tune


We get on with our Life

To our love staying true

The sound is surreal like a singer that croons

We look to the sky

And set up the ladder

Our image of life

Should never be tattered


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