Goals to Hold Us Together

The end of the day

Is orange and grey

And blue lasts until

the core of the night


As evening comes down

Life covers the ground 

Stretches across the floor

Grass reaches new height


The hill has a sheen

Growing deepest green

Dandelions plan

to spread in the light


Wishes of the breeze

Will always be pleased

Promises spoken

And never broken

Like the goals in life

By hard-work achieved


The tops of the trees

Like the stars’ dark keys

Turn the shape of the moon  

Within our next sight


Across the river

Dark far shores quiver

But in daytime they

Become calm and bright


Open doors to the sky

Within our mind’s eye

Believe in balance

with all of our might


Wishes of nature 

Always will stay pure

Promises we make

Will never be fake

If our goals in life

Help a new way cure


Wishes of wellness

Top of the spell list

Promises we say

Never go away

When our goals in life

Can help us tell this


The start of the day

Will not fade to grey

All the colors splash

Everywhere so bright


As sunlight beams down

Life grows from the ground

Creatures and flowers

And folks we invite


Life’s strength and beauty

Are all of our duty

Courage and patience

Hold our good sense tight


Wishes of the wind

Will begin again

Promises we speak

Filled within the week

All the goals in life

Together we should win


Wishes forever

Must never sever

Promises we keep

May not come so cheap

Our goals in life should

Hold us together


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