When is Victory Known?

I am ready to jam

But they don’t give a damn

They’re too busy

Thinking about

The next grand slam


It doesn’t happen very often

No matter how hard we’re rocking

It screws up our game

Let’s just go for a single


Hard hit

Line drive

Maybe a solid double

Expectations to great

Can turn into trouble


I am ready to rock

And I care a lot

They’re always

Thinking about

The big long bomb


It doesn’t work very often

When it does, it is shocking

There’s one chance in a game

Let’s just get a bit closer


Heavy hit

When we arrive

Maybe I’m seeing double

Expectation too great

Can turn into trouble


They’re always thinking about

Finding a sure thing


And then they find

Too many flaws


They’re always thinking about

Making it big


Bigger than anything

you ever saw


I am ready to roll

But they don’t like the racket

They’re desperate

Thinking about

A half-court basket


It doesn’t connect very often

Unless we can focus and lock-in

With one chance for the game

Let’s just do what we have to


Hard shot

This is life

Maybe should’ve made the doubles

Expectations are great

If they get us past troubles


I am ready to rock and roll

But they don’t give a F* at all

They’re too tense

Thinking about

The over-time puck in goal


It doesn’t get forgotten often

No matter

If we watch hockey

It is more than the game

Let’s just be honest


Hard hits

Cup strive

Maybe a major double

Expectations too great

Can turn into trouble


We get stuck thinking about

Being superior


And then we find

We’re mostly the same


We’re always thinking about

Being number one


Being the one

That will win the game


We work our lives

Plan every day

Work our magic

For the break away


When we respect all levels

And realize our own


When we’ve given all we’ve got

Scoring peace and love for a goal

If we can

help out others

Create safety

in the world and make it home

Charging fast

And kicking a$$

When our smooth skills are shown


In our hearts and in our minds

In our lives

In the zone

For the moment and forever

Victory is known


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