Connecting Events

Distinct changes in the day

Connect to events

Along the current way

And everything we say


Sometimes we can take it in our stride

Sometimes it just blows our mind


I’m still standing

I’m okay

Connect to every raindrop

And each sun ray

And every game we play


Whether we seek change

or try to hide

Events bring new frames of mind


Distinct stages of the night

Connect to events

Within the current light

And everything’s alright


Sometimes we seem to have it made

When our day’s fears start to fade


I’m wide awake

Feeling fine

Connect to each star above

And all of time

And to all that’s on my mind


A new stage aligns

I contemplate

Events create

A new design today


At this stage of the game

We try to find better times

Whether or not

We feel okay

or feel totally fine

or feel better than ever

And with peace of mind

When we’re

Planning an outstanding future

We get there with patience and climb

Gratitude can be the name of the game

It can change all of time


We’re in the mood

Take us to the next level

Gratitude helps us rise

Like water in a kettle

Steam billowing

Raindrops collect on a petal


Our world is like metal

Shaping our days

A kind mission

helps us to settle

Our attitude in good ways

We rise to a better level

In all that we do

If we work with the current

We will make it through


Distinct ranges in our years

Connect to events

Spinning current gears

And everything that’s near


Sometimes we just go with the flow

Sometimes work is all that we know


I am good to go

That’s quite clear

Connect to a vast machine

And face my fears

Embrace each joy

Living here


If just out of range

Help the signal grow

Events connect

New engines glow


Sometimes we can take it all in our stride

Sometimes events will soothe our mind


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