Grand Transcendent Rant~ Topic 4: Communication

Topic4: *Communication*

Information transfer or exchange between two or more individuals.

I.e. Message is expressed, delivered and received.

Interpretation and reply?



We have different levels of skill and ability to send and receive information.

Communication achieves intended goals when we’re understood as we would like to be.


We have varying ability to express, receive, understand and reply to succeed at communication.

We depend on the medium every day:

Public speaking




Small talk

Chat with friends

Written word

Print v. online

Interactive or not

Functionality depends on ability, medium and goals.



What do we hope to accomplish with communication?

This can be an individual goal or a mutual goal.

We may be looking for understanding.

We may be looking for agreement and/or action, like a response.

Communication can seem successful from one perspective but not from another.


We may choose a medium but not have the ability to communicate effectively due to lack of skill in expressing and/or because the intended receiver has poor comprehension and/or the medium is too challenging.

Successful communication also comes from setting realistic goals for action or understanding.


In consideration of goals, it’s necessary to plan boundaries:  We don’t want to limit expression, but we should highly prioritise collective health and wellness in our consideration, for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Communication should maintain or improve quality of life.


If the goal of communication is to relay an accurate message, it’s useful to be as clear and defining as possible,

but remember more effort may be needed

such as repetition and reinforcement.

Some may have a hard time to comprehend & retain a message.

Others may have trouble expressing.


When urgency weighs in, boundaries may go out the window.

Some people have limited ability to control expression in urgency while others may not know how to react.

People may feel an urgent need to communicate, but others don’t see the reason for urgency and/or there is no good mutual reason.


If we agree to communicate

it becomes easier.

We observe boundaries and find ways to share understanding.

One key boundary is established

but often crossed:

Don’t be harmful.

Communication can be harmful due to

* Intentional breach of duty

* Influence of social conventions

* Misunderstanding

* Accident


How to prepare to avoid harm

for ourselves and all others:

Look into it.

Take steps.

Always communicate to help;

A natural expectation

but if we reach out to consider all affected, it has a likelihood of creating more wellness, a better place to live and better communication moving forward.


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