Grand Transcendent Rant~ Topic 3: Love

Topic3: *Love*

In the hearts of many, love can be the most important thing in the world.

Is it?

In what definition?


It seems that the common idea of love is key to some of the very most important and enduring relationships in our life,

potentially giving us friendship, romance and joy.


There are different definitions of love.

This is mine:

Love: a powerful, often intense, binding feeling that we develop for someone or something that we are attracted to and want to share time with or at least have wishes of wellness for.

To me, well-wishes are essential to love.


My definition seems functional, boiled down to possible longing to spend time together and essential well-wishes.

To me intensity separates love from liking, where love involves more commitment to goals of sharing time and ensuring wellness, whereas ‘liking’ involves less dedication.


The distinction where desire to spend time together isn’t essential to love

but wishes for wellness are, seems clear. I.e. We can love all life and wish the best but not necessarily want to be with all life. Love in this sense reflects intense caring even in the absence of compatibility.


For me inclusion vitalizes this equation; Love should include general well-wishes for all.

Is Love the most important thing in the world?

That’s totally a perspective;

It seems likely that the more love and care there is to reduce harm and disdain, the better we will function together.


Functionality and Love?

To me, they go hand in hand.

Love involves caring, nurturing and protecting.

It can lead to cooperation, collaboration and joy. All the products of love and actions in love can help create a better quality of life. What could be more functional than that?


Sure love can go bad and hurt

in the sense of romantic love especially or in any loss of love or in unrequited love

but at least in the definition I maintain, general well-wishes and the powerful benefits should far outweigh the tough moments.

Love unites people more than it divides.


Heartbreak is awful but it is arguably better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

The benefits of uniting so people live, work and achieve together, have joy together, logically helps in a direction to develop a better quality of life for everyone and everything.


To me, if love is the key to improving quality of life in the world, which it very well could be, then it is the most important thing in the world.

Love is about caring, inclusion, patience and affection.

If we love each other, we are working together for a better world.  ☮️&♥️


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