Grand Transcendent Rant~ Topic 1: Spirit

Topic1: *Spirit*

Spirit has a powerful meaning in humanity, yet it is sometimes treated as nonsense or taken for granted.

Is it tangible?

In what definition?


To begin with: Can anyone deny that there is a connection that runs through everything?

It is everything.

There is a whole.


Sure, our consciousness seems to typically stick with our immediate environment and life experience, but in some sense we are connected to the farthest reaches of the universe or any multiverse for that matter.

We are one

to the best of my understanding 

with every possibility.



How does spirit tie into all this?

Looking now,

I think spirit takes energy of the whole: a shared consciousness that connects forms or beings across environment, time and space. Tangibility depends on the individual circumstances; There are changing possibilities and perspectives.


I wanted to point out that different perspectives can confirm or deny spirit.


Some claim to know the absolute.

I might say that sometimes, there may be no such thing.

It’s about perspective right?

What we know is absolute?

Our brain is limited

But it has an angle all its own.



Multiple experiences



conflicting or existing in a moment when we’re either oblivious to other perspectives

or unable to humanly comprehend their existence

Yet I can clearly still be affected by something or someone even if it’s outside my paradigm.


Running with my definition of spirit as “connection” it becomes nonsense to people when they’re disconnected like if there’s limited tangibility.

Constantly running through different perspectives, different paradigms and comprehension-cancelling paradox,

some will never recognize spirit.


The fact is, spirit exists for some people and is not recognized by others.


It seems very tangible to me in specific instances when reality reaches out as in synchronicity.


I very often find a general presence like a good mood and attitude to connect to the wellness-driven whole.


So, for my definition, Spirit, in one sense as an apparently transcendental connection to our world and universe can be observable and influence mood.

This is tangible to me, but may not be to others.

I believe in it.  I don’t expect others to

but I may convince them if we talk.


Spirituality and science?


The world is full of other perspectives, possibilities and paradox.

What is the truth?

Spirit for now is an absolutely recognizable idea in our world.

Just as science but not as tangible or defined and therefore, not as practical.


We are always learning.


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